I´m not sure but I think Kirsten Price and J J Holly are the same girl


I wanna fuck her!


Came across the full set on my travels, as usual what we have here is the tame version. Doesn't take long for those jeans to get pulled down does it? Of course she pulls her butt cheeks apart to display her shitter (holy crap that looks so tight!) with her pussy still closed. Her fingers spread both her outer and inner labia apart to show the very meaty looking vaginal entrance before Kirsten faces the camera, opens up her girly bits again but this time pulls her lips out towards her mound between a finger of each hand and Hey!! would you believe it? Out pops the girl's cute little clitoris from its drawn back hood! Very neat it is as well, all pink and shiny! Well done girl...


damn thats one fine piece of ass! what a buetiful face and perfect tits!


what a beautiful face and perfect tits!

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