looks like she got more then her picture taken




I wanna fuck her naughty bald and tight CUNT! She is a very bad woman, so she is good enough for me......


she´s a beautiful nice Girl


You have to take these pictures slowly, one at a time, and study each one to fully appreciate Anne. First her blue eyes, the blonde hair, the pretty smile, wearing jeans and a light blue top with just a hint of nipple showing thro. Then she laughs as she lifts the top and shows her boobs off, her jeans undone and ready to come down. Then she kneels, top still pulled up, jeans off, her shaved mound on show, then legs open, facing the camera to partly show her pussy, her labia majora probably freshly shaved of blonde hairs and she presses her fingers on the area around her clit. She leans back, her pink inner lips are open and apart as the proudly displays her aroused cunt to us. In the final shots the naughty girl turns around and flashes her anus at the camera, her cleft still slightly hairy around her brown butt hole, her labia open between her legs. Then she stands, hands on hips, slot all closed as if she's shown us nothing!


nice description, moneyshot

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