Swansea Jack

Wow this girl is hot !!


waowww i love that keep that hot pussy


can you please email me your 2009 pics to see it, i mean october ones

raiyan mahmood moon

i'm so much amazed with her beauty.


I am only a little bit sad, that she is no more at ifriends-Web portal. She is a favourite girlfriend of me. Lana, stay your head up! Bussi

Troy Markley

this girl is a fake. believe me, I know her personally, and this isn't her real name by a long shot. They even took a body, from someone else, and put her head on it. So don't always believe everything that you see. dck 01/14/2013

Brian burdis

Look the same today as you did then. The years have altered your features.......


She is no longer a pornstar she quit and got married so please leave her alone quit looking at her know he's cuz she doesn't like it she only did it for the money to put herself through college so if you waiting for her to come back that is not going to happen

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