Crystal Klein and Shay Laren

Crystal Klein and Shay Laren Part One


U like xxx


you are fuckin sexy girls if you were mine would fuck you up 24/7.


Shay is the girl of my dreams ;)


What two brown eyed beauties! They're both so lovely, each in a pretty top and sexy panties. Once Crystal eases down that white strap of Shays's top, you know its only going to be a matter of time until those enormous titties come tumbling out, which they eventually do in part two. Even tho Crystal's a great looking girl who shows off her pert little boobs thro her top with a hint of nipple, the focus is really in Miss Laren's chest! As to how that top stays up so long, I reckon she used top stick on it. On to the next set..Oooh!

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