Are you Russian, Lena? I think you are because you are slut as all Russian women. You may pride yourself since you extremely fuckable and you sure can get that all Russian sluts dream of: many fat cocks, plenty loads of hot spunk and a few dollars fee. Dirty whore…


Looks more gulf coast southern - sweet little swayback, captivating face. Just in case, paljaska, Lena !


reverend moldavian?? get lost


Hmmm… Does “paljaska” mean “Pole”? Then it really shames me very much that I mixed up beautiful polish lady with sluttish Russian whore. My apologies. Of course polish girls aren’t sluts. Only Russian girls are. They have no honor and no moralities so whoredom is their calling.


Good job Gubin. Lena's pics are classy, natural, and very alluring. I hope to see more from this sensual beauty.

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