Es una Teen Rusa? de lo mejor que he visto. busco sus foltos por todos lados y las colecciono. Saludos ZOE


es una belleza rusa? busco sus fotos y las colecciono. besos ZOE


Es la 1ra vez que la veo y Por Dios que es hermosa !!! Un besote Zoe !

A G B Dickson

Trying to contact Zoe. Any info would be great.

Brian Stephenson

Dear Sir, You made a movie for Metart which is dated 03.04.2012 with the title Cordella and features a girl named Ganna B dancing with a blue scarf. I would love to know the name of the music which accompanies the dance. I've tried everywhere and cannot find it. Could you please tell me what it is called and who is playing it. Thank you. Yours Brian

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