Naughty Girl Sandy - Dirty Magazines

Naughty Girl Sandy – Dirty Magazines


Sandy!! You really are a very naughty girl, and by the way where the hell did'ya get those socks?? Anyway you deserve a spanking, mainly for lookin' at pics of Pam Anderson! I mean, what were you thinking of? And Carmen Electra?, well she's ok I guess. But little girls of your age shouldnt be lookin at that stuff!! No, you should be thinkin' girly thoughts.. of stiff dicks and gettin' laid! And another thing, dammit, you should be wearing bigger panties, your thong is FAR too small for a schoolgirls uniform and your pussy's nearly hangin' out the side! And where's your bra? Your Mommy should make sure your properly dressed for school in the mornings. Now, come here and bend over...

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