nice girl but the pics?


What is wrong with the pics?


Aww thks guys, my own dedication! I'm deeply grateful. As for Sofia, I'll keep control this time, I'll just say STUNNING! BEAUTIFUL!! FANTASTIC!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!


well you know, bad angles and my usual complaints. haha


Hi there, could u please post some more pics of Sofia Webber?Penthouse free galleries have only released 3/4 hoto series of her but I want more.She is my dreamgirl.Sofia Webber, I love you! Wil you accept that?


Thomas, Now I see what you mean, I thought you meant that you couldn't get to the pics or something.Robinson, There are only three that I know of, one was posted January 12th, this one and I 'll have the last one on here in a few days ;-) Don't forget to Use the Search...

Mark Amigo

Hi! Know what? Sophia Weber is the BEST beauty (and body) I have encountered in the web so far. What I mean is to this date. Special request: can you please send me links to her FREE clips? I need the once that don't require credit card entries because unfortunately, I don't use one. You have my email add now. Thanks for your reply. -Markie


hi sufia i love you


sofia you are perfect girl.too bad that i will newer howe a chance to know you

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