Cute girl, tho maybe looking a bit 'chubby' in some of her pics. You're sure not gonna see any ribs in this shoot! But she has nice eyes, despite the overdone make up. Real neat little bod with lovely titties, but pic number 2 is my fave, its her face and hair do it for me.


haha My thoughts exactly. You said it so...


Great pics, She is one of the hottest on the net.


First, her name is "Ashley Jae", not "Ashley Jeal". Second, she was a Playboy CyberClub CyberGirl of the month last month. As to her "chubbiness", she is simply voluptuous, not skinny like most models. Why she hasn't been made a Playmate is unknown.


Thanks William, 'Jae' it is, explains why I couldnt find this hottie first time around. Ashlee, as Playboy call her, is 22 from Chicago, 5'4", 34D-27-38 and packs in real sexiness into every inch. And you're quite right to describe this pretty girl as voluptuous rather than chubby, I take it back!

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Chubbiness or voluptuous, she looks great and it's a nice change from the starving models. I like the ones where she still has a bra on...it brings out how sexy her curves are.


thanks for the name update, corrected!


I was lucky enough to hang out with Ashlee in her hometown(not chicago). Most genuine nice girl i've ever met.

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