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  1. ROCK HARD says:

    It’s interesting to see Allison
    mature. She looks great now but as she gets older, her body will tone up & her body will look leaner and more defined!

  2. giorgia says:

    always very beautiful.i like too kiss your pussy.sei bellissima.mi paiacerebbe tanto baciarti la fica.giorgia da milano.

  3. johnseena says:

    this is nice

  4. Heart of Gold says:

    Alison, my heart is true! – Elvis Costello
    Isn’t she a RAVING BEAUTY ??? Oh my!
    Of all my surfing, she has the look. She must have thousands of fans. I don’t need to see her do anything, all I need is to look at her. Those eyes. That hair. Her smile. And a beautiful body. And you can tell from her videos, she is such a kind, true, and down-to-earth person. I hope she never quits!

  5. westy says:

    i guess shes going to quit someday but hopefully only after a few hundred sets of pics. yes sure eyes, hair, smile, body. i still like the one with the strawberry in her twat

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