Alison Angel - Pmates Beautiful Girls

I wonder pmates if the number of hits for Alison tallies with the 'no comments'? I suspect not. Are we all so difficult to please that we've nothing to say about this girl? That'd be sad! Ok, we've most likely seen them before, but hey, I challenge anyone to say she's not cute. So what is it we didnt like? her hat? her gloves? her panties? 'Cos if it was her face, or her eyes, or her hair or her hot body or her lovely titties we didnt like, we've lost the plot!


yeah I guess there is nothing new to say, but when she first started showing up on here, there were plenty of comments: Older posts of Alison


i'm with you. i still reckon shes hot even if other people dont. and shes probably as swedish as my ass


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