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  1. moneyshot says:

    Reminds that georgous women were here before internet! She was real cute. (where did you find her pmates? got any more?) Heard of 1980s ‘big hair’ and seen it in old films, apart from that these could have been shot last week. I have a question for anyone who can remember.. dont know if this cute girl was a model or not, but did no girls shave or wax back in 1981? Like, was this typical or should Teri Welles have also been voted biggest pussy bush of 1981?

  2. thomas says:

    check out http://www.oxpe.net/playboy/playboy
    all the playmates of 60-70-80s

  3. moneyshot says:

    Hey Thomas. Thanks for that treasure trove, that’ll stop me gettin bored! just look at those clothes and hair styles. Its real history, and I just thought, some of those 50s and 60s girls are elderly women now! Makes u stop and think doesnt it…

  4. thomas says:

    hmm can make a grown man cry

  5. George Vreeland Hill says:

    Terri Welles was and is still beautiful.
    The best looking babe Playboy ever had.

    George Vreeland Hill

  6. Richie Connell says:

    Met Terri at a popular disco in 1977 and she was sweet and lovely. We exchanged numbers and I followed up with her just as she was heading out to Texas to train with American Airlines.I moved to LA and found out later on that she had too as she was now shooting with Playboy. Often wondered what might have happened? And yes…bushes were in full swing back then. Miss those good ole days !!

  7. Bill says:

    Teri Welles was in a soft-core porn film. I found it in a video rental store in 1990 in Covington. Kentucky….Teri and other women ( from their looks and curves must have been playboy, penthouse, oui, models, etc. )….they were held nude in their group cell as prisoners. The guards through-out the film came and went repeatedly raping and having sex with them. Oral,anal,hand job, and straight pussy poke. Welles in numerous points in the film would bust out laughing or giggling like …….. I can’t believe Iam doing this by her looks and attitude….anyway the chief guard falls in love with her and helps them all escape in the end …..finis…..she was more beautiful in this film than any playboy photo spread……It was on VHS long before DVD……..I have never remembered the title …… So for her fans try to find it, in that rental store it was in the adult section……it was a independent, not part of a franchise chain…….it was located on Madison ave. in Covington – latonia, Kentucky in 88-89-1990 and on. I rented. In 2 times , but hell yeah , she did soft core. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the first time and 2/3 of the she doesn’t have one square in of clothing on her…….I have tried to find this tape for the last 15 years , no luck! ……Bill in Louisville, ky.

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