Looks like I'm first in what will be a steady torrent of comments on unique Jenni. Sixteen pics, each one a classic (clever lighting, how did he do that?). She blows my socks off when she laughs. Even something of interest for foot and shoe fetishists. Over to you guys...


Very lovely girl!


one must love that smile, nice body too but the smile...


Beautiful girl, beautiful pics. Jenni is perfect, and Erro is a master! Wonderful use of light...


Fuckable cunt!


very cute girl, like to see more of her


Oh yeah, that warm, disarming smile will thaw the coldest heart...make the knees wobbly. Jenni is indeed unique. There is no other beauty like her. No other beauty can hold a candle to her! The stunningly beautiful, cherubic Jenni is the best the world has to offer.


Jenni continues to enchant me and amaze me. Ever since I first saw her I think I fell in love. Her eyes are exquisite, her smile brightens the room and not to mention she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. A man can only hope of one day meeting a woman like this.I hope to continue to see more of her and one day, if I ever get good enough at my photography, would love to work with her. Jenni is truly the best!!!


With regard to Jenni, pulchritude is at large, and running amuck! She is so beautiful!!! ;-D


Well, revisiting Jenni just makes me realize what people think about her, not one negative comment on this beautiful girl. And how could there be? As Thomas and Everett said, theres magic in that smile. HEY PMATES.. ABOUT TIME WE HAD SOME MORE JENNI!!! Tks guys, I know you'll come up with the goods, we'll be patient...

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