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  1. Heart of Gold says:

    Holy Jesus, holy rock and roll!
    I’m knowing Alison well I can tell
    When I’m lookin’ for her birthmarks
    on that downwards scroll!
    Alison, Alison, it’s simple and true
    There ain’t no one I love
    Like I love you….
    Please don’t disappear and become
    a dentist’s wife
    Lookin’ pretty for him
    and wiping the drool from your baby’s chin
    for the rest of your life
    Alison, Alison, if I may be so
    It’s you that I want to hold
    Oh, for a little while,
    until we climb the Alps in style
    and then retreat to an island I know
    where I’ll touch and retouch you
    all night slow…

  2. Heart of Gold says:

    Oh, did I forget to say, you put that mermaid to shame! Excellent photo.

  3. moneyshot says:

    Alison baby, all glammed up
    That gorgeous dress is really fit,
    Those cups were doing overtime
    Holding up those massive tits!

    You’re still a red hot sexy babe
    With this great set of classy pics.
    A world apart from opened thighs
    And close ups of your girly bits.

    Thank you and goodnight..

  4. pmates says:

    moneyshot, never to be outdone…

  5. King says:

    Hello your so beautiful girl I hope that i will see you more from deffrend side.

  6. thomas says:

    not a fan of her but..great dress

  7. ele says:

    i am one of ur fan
    i love you & i have about 2000 pics of you dear
    just be happy

  8. moneyshot says:

    I think I’ve cracked it! Why she sometimes looks bored stupid. This ‘deer in the headlights’ thing’ is the size of her eyes, they show the whole pupil which gives a kind of staring look. And she doesnt wear much mascara under her eyes either, only on top. Of course she could actually be bored stupid, but at least this shoot had positive comments. Maybe it was that dress! It might also have been those glimpses of wonderfully built pussy, not shaved anymore, her butt, or of course Alison Angel’s two wonders of the modern world…

  9. westy says:

    its all the things you listed m. alison angel is still fantastic. i never get bored with looking at her body. her eyes are just like that even when she laughs. she cant help it. maybe she could try squinting!

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