great smile


She sure has, tho reckon we all suspected (or hoped) where things were heading and she'd get real dirty! And now she's at Twistys, says she's Brazilian, and showin' all the bits she tried so hard to cover over the past two years! The vid of her dildoing herself contains just one word, "yeah", so well done to the scriptwriter. Her tattoos are NOT new btw, we'll have to live wth 'em. Very pretty girl tho, I've always thought so.


Sandy is pure magic, and in all her layouts, especially with other girls, she steals the scene. This is a girl on the rise with the looks of Sarah Michelle Geller, and sultry poise to a great model and adult actress.


No offence, but I kind of liked Sandy when she was younger, not to act like a pervert, (which whoever looking at this is... Including me) but she just... I dont know. She looks more pretty, you know? Not saying shes not hot, but pretty in a different way. Like a... Kitten turning into a cat. The kitten's so cute and cuddly, and when it grows up into a cat, its still beautiful... But in a different way. It just makes me sad to see them all grown up!


Sandy is all brazilian girl, pretty and so sweet with everybody with a lovely accent! this girl is fantastic! She is the only internet model ever to accomplish so much in less than a year, over 20 magazines covers, 5 dvds, 2 movies...She's been working a lot for her website sandy-summers.com


It is three years since my last post, and sorry Matt, Sandy is even more beautiful now. Of all the ladies on the internet, Sandy is stil the one and only for me. I would marry this girl in a moment. She is so sweet, and so genuine that Sandy is just the best.

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