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  1. Zeb says:


  2. Philmore Bowles says:

    I will be shocked if Lisa is not the most beautiful woman these eyes ever see.

    She makes me want to be all that I can be!

  3. ERIC says:

    DEAL, HOWIE!!!

  4. E says:

    i want to fuck you lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. troy johnson says:

    i wanna fuck you like an animal

  6. fan says:

    I was hoping and wishing I could find naked pictures of you 🙂 its better than I imagined

  7. john says:

    wow..ill fuck her twice….
    deal or no deal

    deal =)

  8. Fan says:

    I would rip off your dress on deal or no deal. I would fuck you so hard that you wont be able to walk ever!!

    Damn you’re hot lisa

  9. Fan says:

    I sniffed her panties one time when she was done with a photo shoot and she left her panties in the dressing room. Fuck even her sweat smelled good.

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