Reckon that should read 'Alison Angel - Almost in a Blue Dress' I mean she has got her left nipple out in pic 1! Strange how people got bored with this gorgeous girl. I mean Alison only turned 21 last April, so she's not old news or anything. Still there's gotta be lots of us out there who like those 36Cs, and, lets not bother with those big eyes today,(tho you don't notice her 'stare' in pic 1 coz its a side view). Maybe we still DO rate her, just the novelty value's worn off. Now, that would be less sad...


great body. sexy with or withoutthe dress. so glad she took it off though and showed those great boobs oh and that super body.


Nice and naughty as usual........




guess that´s it, there´s to much of her like there were to much of her friend Lia a while back


i could never have too much of Alison Angel. shes beautiful and very sexy and she doesnt lead you on with stupid expressions. her red hot body does that anyway.


vorrei solo capire come si fà a contattare questa troia. i soldi da spendere li ho. sono stata per una settimana con un altra troia come lei che ho contattato su internet. ho speso 10mila dollari. a questa troia ne darei anche 20mila. spero di avere qualche indicazione.questa troia risponde alle email dal suo sito, ma si vede che sono risposte tipo. spero di avere indicazioni come contattarla.ho proprio voglia di baciargli la fica. sonia


Yay!! You see Alison? WE GUYS STILL LOVE YOU!! And we've said so! We think your HOT. And looks like we're quite ok about you being on here once a month average (hint) with a new set to blow us away. So keep gettin' ya kit off baby!!


very beautiful, AlisonYou'r so sexy......

I'm 12 years old x)

OMFG!!!!! she has a nice PERFECT body omfg u wanna fak u!!!


alison always number one.i hope at last can meet her and can kiss for long time her pussy.everytime i kiss one pussy i suggest maybe the pussy of alison.jessica


se vuoi uscire con alison, vai in escort ru e digita manya.è lei.io quando vado in america sono sua cliente fissa.a costare costa, ma meno di quanto credevo.federica


She's beautiful. Would like to see her with full pubic hair on her mound. I bet it grows real furry and soft.

enrica sabatini

questa è una supergnocca.se è vero che si può contattare, fatemi sapere come si fa.il mio cellulare è 3473401876.


I hate her eyes.

big dick daddy.

who is ever fucking her on a regular basis is one luck dude.

chad wolfson

alison angel is very beautiful for a girl

chad wolfson

being alison angel's boyfriend would be a very good feeling to know im a fan of hers & i love her very much & hope she loves me too from a fan of hers chad

chad wolfson

alison angel is very nice friend & when i was talking to a girl name alison angelina she is alison angel from facebook & she said she love me thanks to alison angelina's friend i found out she is alison angel & is my girlfriend that gave me her e-mail address alisonangel110@yahoo.com

chad wolfson

alison angel is so beautiful i even put pictures of her on my computer to know that i like her & to meet her in person someday & want her to know how i feel about her & be a part of her life as her true love

chad wolfson

i was talking to angel alison i was told who alison angel was & alison angelina was not alison angelina alison angel because of what angel alison told me i saw this @chad wolfson well looking at her profile her birth date is feb 05 1985 but my real birth date is april 6 1986 wrong birth date and she made me older.... @Alison angelina dont use my picture and make people thing that i am you cause your using my pics to let them

chad wolfson

this is what my angel alison told me about ailson angelina was not aliosn angel & angel alison was @chad wolfson well looking at her profile her birth date is feb 05 1985 but my real birth date is april 6 1986 wrong birth date and she made me older.... @Alison angelina dont use my picture and make people thing that i am you cause your using my pics to let them fall for you

chad wolfson

this is my gift for the real alison angle told by angel alison said she was alison angel who i met from facebook & this is a gift for her Angel Alison & Chad Wolfson In a relationship Anniversary: March 5 i made for her & me at www.zoosk.com

chad wolfson

Check out your new answer Hi, Chad! You've received a new answer to your question YOUR QUESTION FROM YAHOO ANSWER im in a relationship with angel alison & she call's her self alison angel from facebook? NEW ANSWER from Sea confusing but someone may be faking her ID just to pull a prank on you!

chad wolfson


chad wolfson

I think i love alison angel is that good? Richard M Best Answer - Chosen by AskerYou must be the first person to find her attractive. She'll be happy to know she has a fan.

chad wolfson

`Alison Angel's EMAIL doesn't exist because Alison Angel doesn't exist. Alison Angel was created by FTV. Chrstie Caudill, in relation to Alison Angel, doesn't exist either, however there are Christie Caudills in this world. Alison's real name and married name will not be revealed nor will her EMAIL ID or her FACEBOOK page. Her friends and her immediate family have it and it is not public domain. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_alison_angels_email#ixzz2NEMLBGZX What is alison angels email? wiki.answers.com Alison Angel's EMAIL doesn't exist because Alison Angel doesn't exist. Alison Angel was created by FTV.

chad wolfson

thanks to the internet i know all i need to know of alison angel the real one not ones calling them self angel alison on facebook

chad wolfson

What is Alison Angel's real nameActually, her name when adopted was Christie Caudill. She also was not born on APRIL 7 1986 as it is documented. She was really born on May 24th. She was not born in Los Angeles or Phoenix Arizona or Athens Tennessee. She was born in Des Moines IOWA. I know because she told me all this. When she left the porn modeling business, she tried to get her degree in nursing. Due to extreme personal matters she was forced to withdraw from the program and is now living anonymously.

chad wolfson

https://www.facebook.com/alison.cambelle the name in that message match this girl's nameChristie Caudill Female

chad wolfson

if this girl name Christie Caudill on facebook if only her alison's friends family know her facebook page then who is girl with alison'sadopted name on facebook & i checked her face on her facebok timeline picture it looks the same as alison's i sent this girl a reply on facebook im going to find out from her

chad wolfson

everyone name angel alison have the same pictures of alison angel on there facebook page when i looked up that name on facebook

chad wolfson

this from colonel macfarland Don't you known that they are twince, one is a pornstar, another alison angelina is not a pornstar

chad wolfson

this is what my alison angelina said to me when i after i made a friend request with her on facebook[2/7/2013 12:02:59 AM] Alison Angelina: Yep i love you, please send me the money so i can come to you, and send me my birthday gift

chad wolfson

colonel macfarland told me about alison angel &alison angelina & said this I known them before tryto send some of money to alison angelina so shewillcome to you. from the e-mail i got from alisonangelina's friend


body omfg u wanna fak

David Schäffler

Du bist so geil, ich will dich unbedingt ficken

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