YAAAAY!!!! It was Priscilla's face that blew me away in the mall last month. Going by the comments (like, NONE!) who knows what anyone else thought? Maybe guys didnt like her small titties or her boyish figure, or her sexy panty waistband stickin out above her hot white shorts. HA!! AFTER I'D SEEN HER FACE THAT WAS IT. I COULDNT CARE ABOUT THE SIZE OF HER TITS. COZ I THOUGHT THIS HOT LITTLE SLICE WAS GORGEOUS! Ok, that's outta the way... well I think FTV have done a great job here, I have to say, they've captured the strong points of Priscilla's pretty face, her gorgeous brown eyes and hair, and her cute little bod. Her boobs are mostly covered and she's wearin' her panties. So ya see once again less is more, and the set kinda accentuates* her face, oh, and her magnificent little butt of course.For about twenty bucks a month we can see Priscilla on FTV filmed in California having a couple of orgasms. Or we could save up and unload the dosh on our own hottie and give her a couple instead. Hmmm... ok thats sorted then ....*note introduction of new big word


even if she has small tit she has a very sexy ass


very sexy ass agreed. but moneys right about her face and hair as well. shes real nice. want to see lots more of her please.


Mmmmmmmmm.......she looks nice and DIRTY.......like there's nothing she wouldn't do once those sweet sexy panties had been slid off her.........


cute face cute tits. fuckable ass

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