Right! First of all, I'm not even gonna try to describe Iga. So just go look at her pics instead. But if you wanna know more about her, stick around....Iga Wyrwal was born in Lakisz, Poland in 1988, so she's 20 this year. She started modelling in Britain, which is now her home country, in 2007, she appeared in Playboy in May last year, a few sets for OnlyTease, and began her association with Michael White, who photographed her for MetArt (13 sets so far) and 4 sets for his own Breathtakers site.When she appeared in the Daily Star last year, they decided to call her 'Eva' as they thought us Brits couldn't pronounce Iga. The Daily Star is published from a small office on Mars. Bearing in mind this place is full of East Europeans, 'Iga' shouldn't be much of a challenge. And in the latest illustrious publication of 'The Bumper Book of Busty Babes' April 2008, proving the UK has the best free press in the world, Iga says she doesnt even LIKE being called 'Eva'.Anyway there you have it. All 5'6" of Iga Wyrwal, in her MetArt set called Silinian from last December. I know that, cos I recognised her knickers. See, you gotta have an eye for these things... Anyway, I think I forgot to say Iga's magnificent. Well, Iga's magnificent!


This girl is total perfection, I had a feeling she was Polish. I would like to see more pics of her.

Dirty old man

She is naughty and I want .......


got her phone number too m.? haha She┬┤s great but the met-art pics are a bit tedious, many versions of the same set. Thank you for not finnish the sentence Dirty, nobody really cares


Haha! No, sorry T, no shone number, I think she's gone 'ex directory'. But she's all over the place here as 'EVA' and in the new Nuts mag. But I'd recognise her anywhere, Robin said he thought she was Polish, so is there something in her face, her eyes, that make her look East European/Russian? I cant quite explain it...


Googled her: Polish girl currently living in Rugby, England


this is the women i think about when i have sex with the wife


I love Iga So much....will she love me...

Bront Palare

She is so sexy, cute and perfect... I love she so much... I would like to see more pics of her

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