One day, a few years back now, a young woman called Christie Caudill, walked into FTV in Arizona, got her kit off at the reception desk... and hey! she's been there ever since. FTV liked her so much they set up her own site, renamed her Alison Angel, and have been makin' vids and photoshoots for the past three years. I'm surprised Miss Caudill's never been arrested for breach of the peace or public nudity.Apart from that, Christie, (or Alison), is built like real woman. Some guys dont like her eyes, I won't bother to repeat all that stuff. Take her as you find her, which in this case is prancing around in a park by the side of a busy road with tons of traffic.I reckon she should move on. Its time for a change. But if she's happy there and FTV keep paying her, maybe she doesn't want to. Whatever, imo, she's still damn good to look at. And if anyone wants more, there's a permanant link on the left to forty sets of 'Alison Angel' back to 2005 with their links still up.


about the TGP I belive you are right. So why not a link on the front page? (or maybe the are a more or less hidden one?)


These things are coming Thomas, and thanks for the suggestions ;-)


a me piacerebbe baciarla a lungo in bocca.giorgia da milano


ple my id forword images

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