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  1. moneyshot says:

    “Hi Guys”
    “Oh, Hi Sandee, you ok?”
    “Yeah, bit warmer this morning!”
    “Hmmm.. You gettin’ naked today?”
    “Why sure! Ok guys, what’ll it be this morning?”
    “Hmmm.. I think Sandee we’ll just have the usual please”
    “Sure, so that’s two fingers and a plastic dildo?”
    “Yea, sounds good to us”
    “And what colour dildo would you like today guys?”
    “Oh, I dunno Sandee, err… purple?”
    “Sure, no probs, so that’s two fingers and a purple willy all round. Coffee?”
    “Oh, err… yes please Sandee”
    “Ok guys, coming right up!!”

  2. thomas says:

    haha you´re amazing m.

  3. moneyshot says:

    Ah well T, I have fun, you cant take it all TOO seriously can you? Mind you, your’e probably the only who reads it!!

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