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  1. moneyshot says:

    MetArt’s Uliana A. has been here once before, as ‘Ulyana’ from Just Teens last year. She’s a 21 year old Russian, and she blows my socks clean off every time I see her, (which is not alot as she’s only done four shoots). That JST set from 20 July had a lot more of that hairy pussy on show, which, err…. didn’t escape notice!
    Uliana has one hell of a body, and in the end it doesn’t matter what her natural hair colour is. Just feast your eyeballs over her bod, this Russian’s got more contours than the Urals! And what a magnificent pair of puppies! And lovely blue/grey eyes. A great looking Russian girl!

  2. Dirty old man says:

    Naughty cutie!

  3. thomas says:

    agree to everything.
    Met-art have another set, garden, also by Gribanov, with this impressive girl

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