Ahhh... Lidiya, Lidiya, Oh Lidiya...This isn't the time to complain I haven't seen enough of Lidiya, cos she's here now, which is the main thing. Lidiya, 5'6", born 1986 in Ukraine; MetArt call her Lidiya A, BIM call her Lidiya, and Just Teens 'Lida' This MetArt set is called 'Finales'.On the JST page someone once wrote "You could put this naked girl in a coal mine and she'd still be smiling!" You don't see Lidiya's devastating smile much here, but believe me, a big smile from Lidiya could blow you away.Lidiya is like a massive breath of fresh air, she doesn't tease, she doesn't pout, she just gazes wide eyed at the lens, her posing is innocence personified. No eroticism from Lidiya, she just stands, sits or lies around as fresh as a daisy. Apart from being extraordinarily pretty, which in my opinion is her appeal. And what beautiful eyes. Lidiya is totally, totally gorgeous. You wont forget Lidiya in a hurry.I once wrote a 700 word article on Lidiya for someone, so you got off lightly here.

Dirty old man

She is very cute and very naughty!


Tu es tres belle, sexy et ceux que tu cotois sont d'heureux personne Good lock and have a good day


moneyshot says alot but her pure beauty would take a life time to put into print. Pure Beauty, thanks Lidiya

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