Emma's USP is her gorgeous sexy smile - so why do we only see it in Pic 7? It frames her beautiful face....never understand why photographers as girls to look miserable when a smile can transform the whole shoot. If a) the nude shots were taken at a better angle and b) she was smiling in them, she would be nigh on perfection. What do you say Matt? and has she been on here before?


Extremely hot picture. This girl is very pretty and sexy.


Hey Dave! Emma's only done two sets for Breathtakers, this one called 'Lipstick' and another called 'Twins' both published in February. They say she's a 'new model', British, 5'6", and with a pair of 33F puppies. (is that what the 'Twins' are????). So Emma may not be a professional model, probably another student getting her kit off!You're right about a smile, it can really light up a model's face, though I think Emma manages to look seductive enough, at laest she's not pouting! She's very nice anyway, and a least BT are trying out something different that lovely Emma feels comfortable with. But don't hold your breath about seeing much more of her, unless she returns for more work. You'll also have to watch out for Zoo and Nuts, they have British girls with big tits galore!


Cheers Matt. Knew you'd come up with the goods (even though it's bad news!!)


She's a gorgeous lady with a face as an angel and a fine smooth body waiting to be caressed. Thanks for the glimps emma. xo

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