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  1. Junky says:

    Great pics!
    I’ll back to enjoy new posts!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Where can I get her phone number… 🙂

  3. moneyshot says:

    Sorry Andrew, I couldn’t find Wyrwal in the Rugby area phone book. I guess she’s gone ex directory! This Polish hotpot who very kindly came to England to get her kit off and show us her titties is VERY popular!! She also gets called Eva and Eve btw. But Ive said all that in her last post. I think all her Michael White MetArt pics were taken in his UK studio. I reckon we should find out where it is and camp outside… Anyway Iga Wyrwal is magnificent.

  4. Dirty old man says:

    A very sexy babe!

  5. thomas says:

    disapointing m. 🙂 nice try anyway

  6. moneyshot says:

    Yeah, sorry T. Hey, but Mr White’s studio is at Abbotts Yard, 31 Upper King Street, Royston, Hertfordshire. Thats where to hang out. Well, that’s where Iga was hanging hers out anyway…

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