She is naughty!


Model number AOM4680 was built in Jihlava, Czech Republic, in June 1986, and sent to the Prague HotWomen Works for 'finishing off' in 2006 after she'd grown herself a couple of 34DDs. Her agency called her 'Cikita', which also comes out as Chikita, Chiquita, Tchikita, oh, and she's Magdalene at Femjoy and a few other names at various places. Her parents, Mr and Mrs Pechova, called her Marketa, but that name kinda hit the buffers somewhere.Now, as to whether she's 'naughty' as Farmer suggests, no I dont think so, tho she does show her girly bits off at Teenrotica who probably slipped her an extra few hundred Czech Crowns. But generally she behaves herself like any typical Czech young lady these days... she whips her kit off and shows the goods!


hapy birtday tu you Cikita

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