nice looking girl, hot body


This MetArt set, together with her visit to Digital Desire, showed just what she Brazilian hottie could do. No lightweight teenage tease stuff here from her Sexy Teen Sandy days, maybe now she's 22 (last week) she doesn't want to dress up as a cheerleader anymore. This set is beautiful, SHE's magnificent, so's the colour and the photoshoot.That petite 5'3" bod is an absolute stunner, as is her face, and she STILL reminds me of the younger Sarah Michelle Geller as Buffy (and I'm NOT the only person who's noticed it!). I really hope she continues with quality shoots now and again, together with all the stuff she has to do for SandySummers.com. Because she CAN do it, she CAN make the grade, as (I think) this set shows.


the first babe i want kiss hem in ! i want kiss hem in ! and alllllll.


I agree with comment above. Sandy is a very sexy version of Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). She is now twenty-six, and she is still the just stunning. She is a real sweetheart and very bright. I just love her so much, and yes. this is the girl I would marry!

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