Never understand why a girl who looks as good as that has to spoil herself by pumping herself with silicone. She's got gorgeous smouldering looks, a lovely tight bod, silky smooth skin, and legs to die for. Ignoring the plastic bags, pics 9-15 are real salivation material. Get em reduced back and she'll just be perfect. Wot say you, Matt?


Agreed guys, Jennifer is VERY nice. As to these boob jobs, search me Guv!! If its what a girl wants to make HER feel better about herself, ok, I might not agree but I can understand it. If its supposed to be for OUR benefit, most guys say the same as us, natural is lovely. We dont mind about the size of her boobs, cos thats naturally what she's got, everyone's different. You take her as the whole package, just like a real woman. Just my opinion...

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