AKA Peaches

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  1. moneyshot says:

    Hey! Nice vagina baby! Oh, hold on a minute, completely lost the train of thought now…. oh yeah, she was on here not long ago, 30 April for DD. Anyway this is her ‘Dressing Gown’ set for EGG from last October, and you know she’s built in Budapest already. So, one Hungarian Peach, soft, fruity, tantalisingly tasty and mouth wateringly tempting to get your gnashers around. Nice and ripe, all year round. And very soft and succulent… hey, which brings us back where we started!

  2. thomas says:

    hmm… started her career as Monica.
    Shanged to Peach when she… well…needed to go deeper under cover so to speak.
    A bad but still great girl. Like her

  3. Everett says:

    A lovely Face. A gorgeous bod! 🙂

  4. moneyshot says:

    This is just a bookmark so I can find her again on the search. Real name Judit Rusznyak, b. Budupest 24.02.84

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