BLOODY HELL !!! Pics 1 and 2, ok, I thought I'd seen her before, #3 hmmm, they're a fair old size I thought... them #4. I mean, bloody hell! Will you just look at the SIWE of THOSE Fantasy fFunbags! I've never seen a pair of whopping great tits ANYTHING like that! Man those tits are horny! Like they're not 'girlfriend' tits, those are BIG mature, been around the block a few times tits! I mean, where would ya start... man I just can't get over the erotic power and colour of those enormous chest cushions... and check out those awesome areola, and thats all hers, there's no plastic crap in those. Oh.. "Room for one more on top PLEASE!" I assume she gets that lot into a bra! Like, HOW??Mind you, we never see her standing up... (shrug)... may'be she cant!


heard the saying `see Pamela and then die` or was it...hmm..my misstake, it was Rome, but who cares about Rome? Must be the dome of the Vatican...

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