MetArt's Lucy C is also MCN's Gabrielle and 1 By Day's Gabriela. Acoording to 1BD in their description of her "Gabriela is sexy as hell and has an amazing pair of tits. This petite babe has DD cups swinging around her chest. Come and check them out!" They don't say anything else.... Well, she's nearly 23 from Slovakia, and I'm gonna check her out for a couple of minutes....... Ok I'm back. You see the problem is you just cant help looking and those. Their sheer size catches your attention. But it would be wrong to make any fun of them, they're natural and all hers. But once you hide them, you realize what pretty green eyes she has, and the rest her is lovely as well. I wonder what first impression she'd leave if we saw her fully dressed? Its just a crazy thought, the reverse to what most of us usually think!


You are right m. It may take a while, foggy eyes? :) to see that she┬┤s not all boobs but the rest of her is attractive to. Conclusion: Very pretty girl blessed (cursed?) with great boobs


lots of milk in those huge boobs n iwant to drink dat

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