Now, I didn't know her at all, turns out she's another Hungarian who's modelling career followed a rather different path from the other Hungarian beauty on here today. Her credits include 'work' (and I use the term loosely!) for 'Dreamstash', 'All Internal' (eww), 'Spermswap' (wtf!!), 'Hands On Hardcore', 'Give Me Pink', 'Only Blow Jobs' and a DVD called 'Sluts of the Caribbean' (that's NOT one with Keira Knightley). Oh, and 1 By Day, where they say she gives herself an almighty seeing to with a plastic willy. Ok, I get the general picture here... lucky we caught her on her own then!


Does anybody actually read this rubbish I write?


I read every word you write here.... ;-)


me to m. - always and with great pleasureAnyway Tera has been around a lot Done some really great and some...not so great stuff

nguyen phuc thai

you are very beautiful

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