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  1. moneyshot says:

    ‘Flamingo’ from November 2004, one of Karina B’s earliest of thirteen sets for MetArt. I assume its Flamingo on account of her knickers. MetArt say she’s from Ukraine, aged around 23 now. And yes, she HAS been on here before, five times before actually going back to 2005, all galleries still open. I just checked them out, which as she’s a great looking woman and a superb model wasn’t a difficult job. Totally totally gorgeous.

  2. thomas says:

    great girl, all natural in every way, no war paint, nothing…just all her

  3. FER says:

    Pequeña biografía de Karina B
    Short bio of Karina B

    En mi búsqueda anterior ella aparecía en 3 páginas de modelos:
    -In my earlier search she it appeared on pages 3 of models:
    Miss elite club,Prestige models and Karin MMG,ella desapareció de estas dos últimas más o menos para diciembre del 2006
    -Miss elite club,Prestige models and Karin MMG,She disappeared from these last two more or less as of December 2006
    Por lo que puedo ver los post de MET-ART se hicieron en su mayoría entre 2004 y 2005,estos son:
    -As far as I can see the post-MET ART were mostly between 2004 and 2005, these are:
    karina karina 2004-karina Flamingo 2004-karina Supernatural 2004-karina Oxigen 2004-karina Realité 2005-karina Pulchra 2005-karina Formosa 2005-Karina East 2005(Undated)*-Karina Iguana and Axiom 2006(undated)*-karina Timidian and Likkix 2007(undated)* *(Calendar of the camera disabled)
    En 2004 hizo una sesión para METMODELS:Galina Bedroom eyes
    -In 2004 made a meeting to METMODELS: Galina Bedroom eyes
    -Puede ser que las sesiones Timidian y Likkix sean del año 2006
    – It is possible that the series Timidian and Likkix are of 2006
    También Ella realizó dos videos para Met Art.”karina Ars amandi” y “Karina fábula”del 2004 y 2005 respectivamente.
    She also made two videos for Met Art “Karina Ars Amandi and Karina Fábula” of the 2004 and 2005 respectively.
    Todas ellas con el mismo fotógrafo,Alexander Voronin.
    All with the same photographer, Alexander Voronin.
    Después del 2006 ya no figuró en ninguna de las citadas agencias de modelos
    -After 2006 no longer figured in any of those modelling agencies.
    Desde esas fechas ha habido pocos datos de ella
    -Since that time there has been little data of She

    Desde mi blog
    Since my blog


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