Well, word IS now officially out that the gorgeous Andrea has stopped modelling, so I can at last break radio silence!!She WAS beautiful, she IS beautiful, and will no doubt continue to be beautiful. But she's going to be beautiful in private. The girl has plans, which is great for her, and I for one wish her the best for her future and hope things work for her. Andie hasn't said why she's quit, neither does she need to, like all the other girls on here who come and go, its her private decision.Of course they'll be pics of AV floating around for a couple of years yet, but very few new unpublished ones. For me they'll be no replacement, there doesn't need to be.So good luck to AV with all her future plans and dreams, she was/is/will be very special to lots of guys who adored her.

Medical Student

Andie Valentino quit porn to become a doctor. She attended Windsor University School of Medicine in St Kitts but dropped out of there after a year as well. She is now a dance and fitness instructor in Florida.

Doctor Physician

Andie Valentino (real name Andreza Melilli) attended Windsor University School of Medicine on the island of St Kitts in the Caribbean, got fucked by all the guys on campus who laughed at her behind her back, and then failed every single one of her classes like an idiot. Too bad she did not fuck the drug dealing president and CEO Dr. Srinivas Gaddam, MD and his accomplices Mr. Reddy and neuroscience professor Dr. Sundaresh because these Indian thugs might have saved her ass and not kicked her out of medical school. Now it's too late. LOL.

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