'Presenting Evalina' by MetArt from January. BUT its not new, its an old 72 pic Teen Dreams set, shot in July 2006, where they said she was 19 (she's now 22) and they called her Naomi. They attribute them to different photographers, but I've matched these pictues exactly, so what gives?Anyway, she's Olivie Brabcova, born 15 October 1985 in Prague. She's 5'5" with that lovely baby doll face and those HUGE gorgeous eyes that blow my socks clean off. As will as a scorchin' hot little bod of course. Aboslutely beautiful is Olivie in my opinion.Another of her MetArt sets, 'Delphi', was here May 16, that was also an ex teen Dream Dream set from July 2006. So Olivie's probably not modelling anymore at all. But there are plenty of her pics around from 2005 and 2006, mainly as Olivie or Olivia, so worth checking her out. Anyone want her phone nember?


very beautiful,she is going to go places .lovely Nipple too

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