robert austinIII

wow is what your eyes make me say and well ive many erotic thoughts run through my mind your daddy made one hell of a goddess when he loved your mother as much as he did she must be beauty herself and if you want too ever make a man the happiest he would ever amagine please look me up and we will produce another like you too keep the line of beauty going that im sure of stay well and being very pretty isnt that hard for you im sure , oh yea i bet theres boys who wished they never teased you when you were little cause look at you now bye love you and thats not my groin talking either truly robert !


Well Robert, that's one well deserved tribute to the Ukrainian beauty who is Jade. This set was released in December 2004, one of 35 sets published by MetArt and MetModels up to the end of 2006. I guess she must be 25 by now. There are EIGHT other sets of Jade on here, going back to 2005, all links still up, and a 1.51 video of her with a Greek vase which still works.Jade... an incredibly gorgeous woman, such grace, such classic beauty. She and Orsolya Kocsis are in a class of their own. Jade reminds me of a model in a Pre Raphaelite painting every time I see her, which sadly isn't much these days. Rossetti would have LOVED to have painted her timeless beauty, which sums her up, a true artists and photographers dream model, and many a man's dream woman. Absolute, total perfection.

Kinky Frank

What a bombshell, she is one of the most fuckable woman in the world!


Very, very, very tidy!She's hot as fuck!

Horney nick

titis r hot oo yaa love to suck those


THE most beautiful woman on this planet, period.

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