@ Pmates: she is ZUZANA ZELEZNOVOVA. b.25 Aug 1983 Czech Republic. Take no notice of Nude.hu, they know nothing!No idea about this set, its untagged. But Zuzana, well she's another 'been everywhere, done everything' kind of girl. And very busy, her clothes dropped off around 2005, since when they've hardly been back on and they drop off again. She's mainly Zuzana, though sometimes Susanne with spelling variations. Anyway, obviously another one from the conveyor belt of the Prague HotWomen Works. Reputedly goes like the clappers, not that I'd know....


Right, mostly Zuzana Z but I´ve seen Susanne Ferosso and Susanne-Susanna too Check out those nails - fashionable I guess but looks dirty to me

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