I remember think how pretty Georgia is when she was first around, I think she was Laryssa at FTV, so she'll be on here under that name as well. Anyway, being a crazy man, I dont care if she's nude or not!! Yeah, its true. She has lovely bod of course, and I really, really hope she NEVER feels pressured into a boob job.I know exactly what it is, her face and especially her gorgeous, sensual smokey eyes. Georgia has, in my opinion, beautiful eyes. I genuinly think she's a bit wasted doing this, she surely would have made a GREAT fashion model, she has the ideal looks. Of course I'll probably be the only one who thinks this, and people will think I'm a head case...


i totally agree with moneyshot. Iam so into her, it made me sign up to her site to enjoy all of her other pictures and movies. She is just amazing!


Right guys, very pretty girl


Georgia Jones a real goddess i would like to have her as my wife yo! fuck her all day long for sure!


would really love to give her a rock hard stiffy....hehhehhe..

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