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  1. thomas says:

    hmm…does she ever leave that studio?

  2. moneyshot says:

    Miss Wyrwal is of course blonde these days, these were all taken last year. Last seen, I think, doing something for a German TV station about Euro 2008, Speaking in English with a lovely Polish accent. No doubt a lot of guys whould be happy to be caught offside with Iga and going for a dive inside her penalty box. (sorry) Anyway, shes’s lovely, which is the main thing.

  3. Ernie says:

    Good enough for a ……….

  4. Wolf Carnahan says:

    I’ve been downloading nudes for over 10 years. Seldom does one run across the incredible beauty of someone like Iga.

  5. tyronne says:

    OK time for bed.. which one of you black studs am i gonna do first?

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