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  1. Son of a bitch says:

    A very naughty cutie!

  2. lequanvnpt says:

    hello i love you

  3. moneyshot says:

    She sure has the looks. And for an American model, its nice she’s turned up in MetArt, two sets this year called Presenting Shyla and Louisiana. With MetArt of course, its most likely more Art and less plastic. That does look an unusually large device for getting her clit excited with, maybe it also doubles with different kitchen attachments as a whisk for cake mix.

  4. pmates says:

    I’ve got at least one of those met art sets to post here, I’ll dig it up and get it on here in the next few days…

  5. moneyshot says:

    Tks guys, we’ll be on the lookout for that then!

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