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  1. Son of a bitch says:

    What a fuckable babe, I want her tight cunt!

  2. moneyshot B.A. Hons says:

    Here.. hold in a minute… we had this one on 15 April. Hmmmm. oh well, we’ll just have to look at the 22 year old Ukraine hottie all over again. Damn, didnt wanna have to do that (ok I lied). Guess we all see things different, the previous punter.. well, lets just say he’d be happy with a slice of action. Actually, I’m not sure Lidiya’s that kinda girl, but hey, what do I now?

    Well, I know about her lovely pretty face, her totally beautiful eyes, her enticing, heart stopping smile, that glowing copper hair… to me the crackin’ hot bod is just a bonus, even tho its a beautiful bonus! So, Lidiya, I’ve said it all before, but ya just can’t let a gorgeous lady like Lidiya escape without a compliment.

  3. pmates says:

    Yeah sorry Moneyshot, I realized we had other pictures from this set after I posted. Oh well, she deserves another look.

  4. moneyshot B.A. Hons says:

    Yeah, fine with me guys, you cant have TOO much Lidiya! You could post her once a week, I wouldn’t complain! But then we’d run out of MetArt sets in the end… Hey! guess then we could just go round again!

  5. thomas says:

    must agree, NICE looking girl

  6. Rick says:


  7. Lesley PhD. says:

    This model doesn’t do a lot for me even being a “bi” woman, however, I would not refuse her.

    Kind regards to all,

  8. moneyshot says:

    Hey Lesley, well thats fine, I mean where all different and entitled to different opinions, thats what makes the world go round. And I’d always have respect for ladies who come on here, after all they’ve gotta brave the comments from us guys having a hormonefest!

  9. Rick says:


  10. fuzzgun says:

    she does it for me

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