Haahhhhh... Dont know what to say really... I mean my #1 and #2 hotties on their own I can find words for, usually too many... but together! I don't know who's idea it was at Danni.com to pair these two up together a year or so back, but he deserves a Nobel prize for something or other. Anyway that's it, cos once I DO think of all the stuff I COULD say I still wouldn't have finished it by tomorrow...


not a fan of sets like this but I must agree, it´s for sure 2 great looking chicks And by the way m., he (Danni Ashe) is a she and a really hot former model with a great body


Um, I rather think Thomas that Danni herself did not take the photographs. Nevertheless, it's always a pleasure to read your's and Moneyshots postings. Take care, LesleyJ. xxx


Sandy and Andie each deserve top prizes for this pose. They are brilliantly sexy together--pure art and a privilege to see.

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