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  1. Lesley. says:

    Oh dear, this model should throw in the towel in my view. She has absolutely no idea of what folk find sexy and alluring.

    Of course, perhaps it’s the photographers fault, but “you pays your money and you take your chances” I guess. In Alison’s case it would be 2 pints of warm beer!

    Finally, having seen a couple of vids featuring her, it is clear that she has had a “charisma by-pass”

    For God’s sake fuck off Alison.

  2. Rod Ramjet says:

    I’m wondering about your first time…Was it with a boyfriend, boss, maybe a teacher? Did you come on to them or did they seduce you. My guess is you came on to them first. Maybe a high school teacher you had a crush on? How did it happen? Did you get him alone after class, lock the door, and toy with him while you slowly slid out of your plaid skirted uniform. Did he balk or just let you sock it to him? I’d write more, but both of my hands are going to be occupied in a second or two.
    Later baby! Ohhhahh.

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