And old post from Nubiles.net. A nice, colorful set of my all-time favorite web hottie. :-)Jenni is also my overall favorite hottie. :-DShe is so extraordinarily gorgeous, I still find it hard to imagine that she is real. A true work of art, she is nature's greatest masterpiece. I adore this captivating beauty. :-DI cannot stop being mesmerized by this extraordinary woman.Jenni owns me!


Well E, the out of this world Jenni once again shows just WHY she's so many guys favourite model and why she's had a fantasic non-stop run of success over eighteen months. From a relatively unknown at the end of 2006, catapulted to stardom via Femjoy, and has appeared everywhere since. And now Jenni calls the shots, SHE decides where and how she'll appear, she can afford to dictate these days. A huge and well deserved success. The totally gorgeous, beautiful, captivating Jenni.


My all time favourite as well!


She should so leave her shoes under my bed... ;)

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