Erotic Destinations dont believe in givin' much away do they? The pics are too small (as usual with their promo stuff) and with tags all over them. They need a marketing manager! AND I'M ANNOYED. Cos' I wanted to see this lovely girl's pretty face up close, and I can't! So pass in on guys, a (rare) complaint from me on how NOT to sell a product. And that's the site btw, I'm not referring to Leslie as a 'product'! Leslie is just gorgeous.


Yes, I agree, they have some great girls and that is why you don't see more of them on here...


Yes, I do appreciate that guys, and btw, this one's for THOMAS:T... I was thinking she only had pics with Erotic Destinations. But notice the small tattoo low down above her right leg, and the one on her right foot below her ankle. All of which means (I think) she's the SAME Czech model who is also Estee A at MetArt and Errotica, Tori at 1BD, ATK and MCN, Torry at Teenrorica, Halle at Pier999 and a few other variations. Which means, if I'm right, she's behaving herself quite well in this ED set!!


nice looking girl but as you guys already said...and the bloody logo..

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