Ok, this won't take a minute, but I gotta get this bit out the way first, just to kinda clear the air, ok?....WOOOOOOOOOOOF!! WOOOOOOOOOOF!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFF!!!And that's just the thumbnail, I aint even looked at the pics yet. So, lets have a look, back in a few minutes..... well, I think Marlie lost some weight last year before shooting her last sets for Danni. But I still reckon Miss Moore (one of my most fave hotties) is a real stunner. She's one of those girls who look a real cracker with her clothes on or off. Mind you, quite a few a like that, or maybe I'm just crazy.... ok where was I? Yeah, Marlie, those beautiful tempting sensual dark brown eyes, that tousled mane of blonde hair, and her expressions have matured since she started a few years back. Yep, Marlie (imo) still has it all. Of course the girl from Glencora, California's never been shy, so here's some vagina as well for those wanted to check it out. For me... I'll have the rest of her. Tks very much guys, cos if you hadn't posted her soon you were due another e.mail!! So, thats the beautiful, gorgeous, incredible Marlie Moore..HOOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLL!!!!!

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