Jenya - Tay

AKA Katie Fey

Jenya in the Waterfall

NC Freeman

Cette femme est extraordinairement belle!! Je suis litterallement sous le charme... Et merci pour ces photos. Bien à vous, nc


greatest body on the net??


Certainly one of the sexiest Thomas, except for one thing --- her nipples. Sadly they are inverted and if she was blessed with say, Alley Baggett's set she would be perfect in my eyes.I've also noticed over the years that her sets are consistantly far superior than many of her contemporaries. Why is that I wonder? Photographer?Kind Regards to all,Lesley. xxx


Yes, look at who shoots her, Voronin, Pasha, these are some of the best, and in a different league than most photographers whose pictures you see. Of course, I agree with Thomas, she is remarkably beautiful and that doesn't hurt either!


Aha, thank you for sharing your knowledge Smithy.

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