Some people love her, some dont. Miss Christie Caudill is now 22, and it seems the young lady from Arizona's been around for SO long, she's kinda become part of the furnature. And that's maybe the problem, together with the turn off to some guys of often looking almightily bored, like while she's being photographed she's trying to remember if she changed the cat's litter tray that morning. And maybe she's had 'overexposure', and being an FTV girl I DON'T mean simply too many pics! Well, in the end its ALL opinion, I reckon she looks pretty good here, and hey, we've even got a smile out of her on the thumbnail!


Spot on Matt.Have you ever seen the clip of her shooting a lesbian scene? OMG, she sports a voice which is designed to send the viewer/listener to sleep. She sounds as thick as a plank.Quite nice tits though.

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