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  1. dick trickle says:

    another toooooo much hair.

  2. Robert Hayes says:

    Hanna can give me some kind of love:
    She sighs at my body,
    She cries at my penis:
    And I make peace with every
    Blessed part of Hanna;
    She stares me down till
    I am there,
    We shiver and shake
    We quiver and take our time
    To get to know each others
    Waking moments of ecstasy:
    She pulls her bare shoulders up and
    Drops her head back;
    All the time I whisper the love
    We know we have;
    When it is time to
    Gently place my self in her
    We make lover’s sounds
    They expound
    And we move in strident velocity
    Pulses and whimpers, moans and
    Hot cinders Hanna and me.

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